How to move vSAN Datastore into a Folder?

A question came up the other day from a customer that wanted to move a vSAN-based datastore into a vSphere Folder, but was having some trouble with this operation. vSphere Folders are commonly used by administrators for organizational purposes and/or permission delegation.¬†When the customer tried to move their vSAN datastore into a folder using the […]

How to efficiently transfer files to Datastore in vCenter using the vSphere API?

A pretty common task for vSphere Administrators is to upload or download content from a vSphere Datastore which usually contains ISOs and floppy images. You can initiate the file transfer using the vSphere Web/C# Client, however this process can be quite tedious when having to manually upload several ISOs. Instead, you will probably want to […]

Quick Tip - How to tell if a VMFS datastore is local or not using new vSphere 5.5 API?

I was recently working on a script for a friend that collects some basic information about VMFS based Datastores. While going through the vSphere API 5.5 Reference, I noticed a new property was introduced in vSphere 5.5 API called “local”. It looks like we now have a simple way of checking whether a given VMFS […]