Moving ESXi hosts with LACP/LAG between vCenter Servers?

At VMworld this year, I had received several questions from customers asking whether it was possible to move an ESXi host configured using LACP/LAG from one vCenter Server to another, similar to the workflows outlined here or here. Not having spent much time with LACP/LAG, I reached out to a fellow colleague who I knew would know the answer, […]

Migrating ESXi to a Distributed Virtual Switch with a single NIC running vCenter Server

Earlier this week I needed test something which required a VMware Distributed Virtual Switch (VDS) and this had to be a physical setup, so Nested ESXi was out of the question. I could have used my remote lab, but given what I was testing was a bit “experimental”, I prefered using my home lab in the […]

Retrieving statistics for a Distributed Virtual Port using the vSphere API & PowerCLI

Over the weekend I received an email from a fellow colleague over in the NSBU who was interested in retrieving statistics on an individual Distributed Virtual Port using the vSphere API and had asked if I had done this before. Although I have written about using the vSphere API to access various properties of a […]

Why is Promiscuous Mode & Forged Transmits required for Nested ESXi?

Many of us who run Nested ESXi in our home labs for development/testing purposes are pretty familiar with the requirements to properly setup a Nested ESXi environment such as CPUs supporting both Intel-VT+EPT or AMD-V+RVI and enabling both Promiscuous Mode and Forged Transmits on the portgroup that your Nested ESXi VM is connected to. Though […]

Automate the reverse, migrating from vSphere Distributed Switch to Virtual Standard Switch using PowerCLI 5.5

Last week I demonstrated how you can easily leverage the new PowerCLI 5.5 VDS cmdlets to migrate from a VSS (Virtual Standard Switch) to a VDS (vSphere Distributed Switch). During the development of the script, I needed a way to easily jump back and fourth between VSS->VDS and VDS->VSS and I wanted to automate this […]