Managing ESXi Embedded Host Client settings

There was a question the other day about managing ESXi Embedded Host Client (EHC) settings which you can find by click on the logged-in username and navigating to the “Settings” section as shown in the screenshot below. Customers can manage things like the default VM Console used whether that is the HTML5 VMRC or the […]

The future of the ESXi Embedded Host Client

As many of you know, the ESXi Embedded Host Client project is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I have always felt that we needed a simple web interface that customers can just point their web browser to an ESXi host after a new installation and be able to quickly get started. One […]

vSphere SDK for JavaScript Fling released

The VMware Fling team has just released another cool new Fling, the vSphere SDK for JavaScript. This Fling is especially interesting as it provides the underlying SDK framework used by the popular ESXi Embedded Host Client Fling which was released back in August of last year. I came to learn about this project during last years internal R&D Innovation Offsite (RADIO) conference which is held […]

How to bootstrap the VCSA using the ESXi Embedded Host Client?

In the past, I have written about various ways of “bootstrapping” vCenter Server (here and here) which can be useful for setting up greenfield vSphere deployments. This topic has always been of interest to me because it can be the most challenging to solve, especially when you only start out with a single ESXi host. Historically, these “bootstrapping” options have […]

Upgrading ESXi itself is now possible with the new Embedded Host Client v4

It looks like we just got an early Christmas gift from Etienne, George and the VMware Flings team with the release of v4 of the ESXi Embedded Host Client (EHC). One of the new features that I am most excited about is the ability to upgrade ESXi itself using the “Update” feature which was first introduced in EHC v3. In the […]