w00t! VMware Tools for Nested ESXi!

I have been working with Nested ESXi since it original inception and this technology has greatly benefited me and the entire VMware community, especially when it comes to learning about VMware software and being able to easily prototype something before installing it on actual hardware. However, one thing that I felt that has been missing […]

How to clear the ARP cache in ESXi prior to vSphere 5.5

Yesterday, I wrote an article about a new ESXCLI command that will be available as part of the soon to be released vSphere 5.5 release which allows a user to clear the ARP cache on an ESXi 5.5 host. It was my understanding that with past releases of ESXi, that it is not possible to […]

vSphere Security Hardening Report Script Updated for vSphere 5.1

A public draft of the vSphere Security Hardening Guide for vSphere 5.1 was released a few weeks back by my colleague Mike Foley. Since then I have been asked by several people if I had a chance to update my vSphere Security Hardening Report Script. The answer was unfortunately no due to other projects I […]

Retrieving vscsiStats Using the vSphere 5.1 API

In my previous article, I talked about the new Service Manager API that was introduced in vSphere 5.1 and how you can retrieve ESXTOP performance data using this new vSphere API. In this article I will show you how to collect vscsiStats data using this same interface. If you are not familiar or have not […]

Retrieving ESXTOP Performance Data Using the vSphere 5.1 API

In vSphere 5.1, VMware introduced a new managed object called the Service Manager. The Service Manager is a generic object that wraps the execution of a single command and it requires a┬áspecific set of inputs to invoke a particular service command. This is particularly interesting as it allows users to access both the ESXTOP and […]