Using the vSphere API in vCenter Server to collect ESXTOP & vscsiStats metrics

Back in 2013, I wrote two articles here and here on how to use the Service Manager API that was introduced in vSphere 5.1 to remotely collect ESXTOP and vscsiStats metrics. At the time, I was told that this API was only available when connecting directly to an ESXi host using the vSphere API. This was […]

How to Run VMware's New Fling VisualEsxtop on Mac OS X

The folks over at VMware Labs continue to pump out awesome new Flings and just yesterday, they released another one called VistualEsxtop, which is an enhanced version of esxtop and resxtop. It is no surprise, the Fling was developed by VMware Engineers working in the Performance group such as Priya Sethuraman, Zhelong Pan, Haiping Yang […]

Required vSphere Privilege for Read-Only RESXTOP View

Yesterday I received a question about the specific vSphere privilege that is required to view RESXTOP data on an ESXi host. The reason for this request was to create a restricted role for a group of users who only needed to have access to RESXTOP performance data. I did not know the answer off the […]

Retrieving ESXTOP Performance Data Using the vSphere 5.1 API

In vSphere 5.1, VMware introduced a new managed object called the Service Manager. The Service Manager is a generic object that wraps the execution of a single command and it requires a specific set of inputs to invoke a particular service command. This is particularly interesting as it allows users to access both the ESXTOP and […]