Does VSAN work with Free ESXi?

I recently had to re-provision one of my VSAN lab environments using my recently shared ESXi 5.5 VSAN Kickstart. I usually specify a license key within the Kickstart so I do not have to license the ESXi host later. This actually got me wondering on whether VSAN would in fact work with Free ESXi aka […]

How cool is that!? Using VMware Workstation to manage your ESXi hosts (including Free ESXi) & VMs

To be completely honest, I have not played with VMware Workstation in quite awhile as my day-to-day job primarily revolves around our Enterprise suite of products. In a recent meeting that I was in, I picked up on some interesting tidbits about the latest version of VMware Workstation 10 and after giving it a try […]

How To Backup & Restore Free ESXi Host Configuration

ESXi host configurations can easily be backed up and restored using either the vCLI’s vicfg-cfgbackup or PowerCLI’s Get-VMHostFirmware cmdlet. These commands along with others that perform “write” operations are only supported when you have a (paid) licensed version of ESXi. If you are using free ESXi, the remote commands are only available for “read-only” operations. […]