New Application Awareness API in vSphere 5

Application Awareness HA is not a new feature in vSphere 5, it has actually has been around since vSphere 4.1. With this feature, vSphere HA can monitor heartbeats generated from an application monitor within the guestOS and reboot the virtual machine. What is actually new in vSphere 5 is the availability of the Application Awareness […]

How Fast is the New vSphere 5 HA/DRS on 64 Node Cluster? FAST!

**** Disclaimer: 32 nodes is still the maximum supported configuration for vSphere 5 from VMware, this has not changed. This is purely a demonstration, use at your own risk **** Recently while catching up on several episodes of the the weekly¬†VMTN Community Podcast, an interesting comment was made by Tom Stephens (Sr. Technical Marketing for […]

Hidden HA and VPXA Configurations

Applying the strings method as described in my last article, I decided to also take a look at /opt/vmware/vpxa/vpx/vpxa binary to see if there were anymore hidden goodies. To my surprise, I was able to locate additional HA and VPXA advanced configuration options. While going through and testing some of the HA advanced options, I […]