Cloudafied Desktops: HP RGS on Amazon EC2

Provided is a quick recording of how RGS (v5.1.5) performs on a “cloud” hosted machine when playing Flash and Quicktime videos. The capture software that we used made the video a little sluggish (as can be seen from the not-so-smooth mouse movements which should otherwise be smooth when using RGS regardless of connection quality). User […]

HP Remote Graphics Software ESX/ESXi VDI Tricks

Multiple Displays: This (option found on: however unsupported it may be by VMware and/or HP) is by far the most useful feature we’ve discovered while testing HP’s RGS display protocol in our VDI environment. It works in versions pre-ESX3.5 however we don’t remember how far back the compatibility stretches. From what we can recall, […]