vCenter Host Gateway ... more than meets the eye

While going through the download motion like many of you when vSphere 6.0 was generally available, something that caught my eye in the vCenter Server download area was something called the vCenter Host Gateway (vCHG) virtual appliance. At first, I did not know what that was and until I spoke to a few colleagues did […]

VMware has the best platform to run latest Windows 10 Desktop, Server & Hyper-V Tech Preview!

I am constantly amazed at the number of guest operating systems that is supported on VMware products like VMware vSphere our Enterprise Hypervisor, vCloud Air our public cloud offering which runs on vSphere and our desktop products such as VMware Fusion and Workstation. If we just look at vSphere alone, it currently “lists” 101 supported […]

Nested Virtualization Resources

Here is a consolidated page on all the articles that I have written about the Nested Virtualizatoin (nested ESXi, Hyper-V, etc) and all the goodies that are “Not Supported”. vSphere / vCloud 5.1 Having Difficulties Enabling Nested ESXi in vSphere 5.1? How to Enable Nested ESXi & Other Hypervisors in vSphere 5.1 How to Enable […]

Having Difficulties Enabling Nested ESXi in vSphere 5.1?

I noticed there were a few folks having some difficulties enabling Nested ESXi (VHV Virtual Hardware Virtualization) in the latest release of ESXi 5.1 and I thought I share some additional info and tips on troubleshooting your setup in case you are running into similar problems. *** DISCLAIMER **** This is not officially supported by […]