Deploying NSX-T VIBs and/or creating custom NSX-T Image Profile

Similiar to its earlier predecessor, NSX-T also provides complete lifecycle management (LCM) of its underlying NSX components (Controllers, Edges and Managers) including the Fabric Nodes (e.g. ESXi and/or KVM hosts). Additionally, a new Upgrade Coordinator is now part of NSX-T which greatly simplifies the patching and updating of the network virtualization platform. However, for existing vSphere customers who already have […]

Quick Tip - Listing Image Profiles From an ESXi Patch Using ESXCLI

I was cleaning out a few of my to-do items (list just keeps getting longer everyday) this morning and there was a question that I received a few weeks back asking how to retrieve the list of Image Profiles for a given ESXi patch. This is actually quite easy and you will want to use […]

Creating Custom VIBs For ESXi 5.0 & 5.1 with VIB Author Fling

VMware Labs just released a really cool new Fling called VIB Author which is a tool that allows you to easily create custom VIBs for your ESXi 5.x hosts. If you have tried to create custom ESXi firewall rules or add custom scripts to your ESXi host, you may have noticed they are not persisted […]

A Pretty Cool Method of Upgrading to ESXi 5.1

I recently came across an interesting article by Andreas Peetz which shows you how to patch an ESXi host using an image profile that is directly available on VMware’s online depot within the ESXi shell. I knew that VMware had online depots for use with VUM and Auto Deploy but I was not aware of […]