Slick way of deploying OVF/OVA directly to ESXi & vCenter Server using govc CLI

I have been meaning to write about this neat little feature that was added to the govc CLI late last year that allows you to easily deploy any OVF/OVA without the need of ovftool. You might ask, why not use ovftool? Well, if you just need to perform a very basic OVF/OVA deploy and prefer not to install […]

Quick Tip - Handy ovftool 4.0 advanced options

I recently had a need to deploy an OVA using ovftool on a Windows desktop and I ran into the following error: Error: Could not lookup host: root Since the environment I was deploying to did not have DNS, the failed hostname lookup was expected. This was pretty annoying with previous releases of ovftool but […]

An alternate way to inject OVF properties when deploying virtual appliances directly onto ESXi

I recently published an article demonstrating how to inject OVF properties into the VCSA and other virtual appliances when deploying directly onto ESXi using an unreleased version of ovftool (4.0). A fellow reader by the name of VirtualJMills, as he is known on Twitter left an interesting comment using an alternate solution which I thought […]

How to finally inject OVF properties into VCSA when deploying directly onto ESXi?

One of my biggest pet peeve when it comes to deploying the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) and other OVF/OVA directly onto an ESXi host is the lack of OVF property support. If you have deployed the VCSA before, you are probably aware of the different user experience when deploying to a vCenter Server versus deploying […]