How to easily disable vMotion & Cross vCenter vMotion for a particular Virtual Machine?

The question of disabling vMotion for a specific set of Virtual Machine(s) is not a new one. In fact, this topic comes up on some what of a frequent basis and usually driven by arcane change management processes or worse licensing restrictions. Do not get me wrong, there are definitely some valid use cases where you would not want a […]

How to automate vSphere MOB operations using PowerShell?

A couple of weeks back I was investigating something that involved the use of the vSphere Managed Object Browser (MOB) and I needed to automate a particular operation. For those of you not familiar with the vSphere MOB, it is a UI debugging tool that allows you to visualize and invoke vSphere APIs using just a web browser. The vSphere MOB is available […]

How To Initiate a Wipe & Shrink Operation On an SE Sparse Based Disk

In my previous two articles, I showed you how to create your own SE Sparse disks as well as creating new virtual machine Linked Clones leveraging the new SE Sparse disk format. If you recall earlier, one of the features of the SE Sparse disk format is to provide the ability to reclaim unused blocks […]

What's new in the vSphere 4.1 MOB

The vSphere MOB (Managed Object Browser) is not a well known tool and unless you are a developer, you probably do not know of its existence. The simplest way to describe the vSphere MOB is that it is a debugging tool to graphical visualize all entities within the vSphere API through a web browser. It is […]

How to unregister vCenter plugin/extension using the MOB

I saw a post on the VMTN forums the other day about unregistering a vCenter plugin. The user had a bad installation of an early preview of NetApp’s VSC utility. After uninstalling the plugin, the user was still unable to unlink the plugin from vCenter. There is actually a pretty simple solution to this problem […]