Uniquely identifying VMs in vSphere Part 3: Enhanced Linked Mode & Cross VC-vMotion

Back in 2012, I had published two articles which provides details and guidance on how to uniquely identify a Virtual Machine for both a vSphere and/or vCloud Director environment. The primary use case for this information was for customers or partners who have developed their own provisioning solution which requires them to track their VM assets throughout their lifecycle, […]

When Do vSphere MoRef's Change?

I received a few follow-up questions from my earlier article vSphere MoRef (Managed Object Reference) ID Finder Script regarding when the MoRef (Managed Object Reference) ID changes. As mentioned in my previous article, a MoRef ID is guaranteed to be unique within a vCenter instance to track all entities such as virtual machines, hosts, datacenters, […]

vSphere MoRef (Managed Object Reference) ID Finder Script

There was an interesting article this morning by my colleague Dave Hill about Looking up Managed Object Reference (MoRef) in vCenter Server, which references a VMware KB article showing you how to use vSphere MOB to find MoRef IDs. A Managed Object Reference ID also known just as MoRef ID is a unique value that […]