VPN Configuration to VMware Cloud on AWS using pfSense

Provisioning a new SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) is not an operation that I perform on a regular basis. Usually, one of the first tasks after a new SDDC deployment is setting up a VPN connection between your on-premises datacenter and your VMC environment. Given this is not a frequent activity, I always forget the […]

ESXi Learnswitch – Enhancement to the ESXi MAC Learn DvFilter

The ESXi MAC Learn dvFilter Fling was released a little over two years ago and it has become a must have when it comes to running our ESXi Hypervisor within a VM, also referred to as Nested ESXi. The reason this Fling has become such a popular hit amongst our customers and partners is that […]

Potential ESXi Host Preparation issues with NSX 6.3

While working on updating my vGhetto Automated vSphere Lab Deployment script to add support for NSX 6.3 with vSphere 6.5, I ran into an issue with the Host Preparation step. Although the resolution turned out to be quite simple, it was very difficult to diagnose the problem. I suspect this scenario could easily be encountered by others, so I wanted […]

Unable to apply VSAN VM Storage Policy on NSX Controller/Edge VMs?

This post was inspired by a recent Twitter conversation with Joep Piscaer who ran into an interesting challenge with VSAN and NSX. I want to apply a VSAN VM Storage Policy to a NSX Controller, but I’m getting an "The method is disabled by ‘vShield_SVM’” error. Any ideas? — Joep Piscaer (@jpiscaer) December 31, 2014 […]

Does the ESXi Mac Learn dvFilter work with Nested ESXi on NSX VXLAN's?

After publishing my article on the new ESXi Mac Learn dvFilter which helps improve CPU/Network performance when using promiscuous mode with Nested ESXi, I received a couple of questions asking whether the dvFilter would work with NSX VXLAN’s? At the time, I had only tested the Mac Learn dvFilter using standard VSS/VDS and not with […]