OVFTool and VMware Cloud on AWS

Recently, I had noticed a number of questions that have come up regarding the use of OVFTool with the VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) service. I had a chance to take a look at this last Friday and I can confirm that customers can indeed use this tool to import/export VMs into VMC whether they […]

Quick Tip - OVFTool 4.3 now supports vCPU & memory customization during deployment

In addition to adding vSphere 6.7 support and a few security enhancements (more details in the release notes), the latest OVFTool 4.3 release has also been enhanced to support customizing either vCPU and/or Memory from the default configurations when deploying an OVF/OVA. Historically, it was only possible to modify these values if you were deploying to […]

Native OVF support for Fusion/Workstation 2017 Tech Preview 

The VMware Fusion and Workstation team just released their 2017 Tech Preview releases and there is a ton of new and awesome capabilities which you can read more about here and here. One of the exciting new features, which I was very fortunate to have been involved with is finally here, native OVF property support! Although customers […]

Workaround to deploy vSphere Integrated Containers 1.1 OVA using PowerCLI (SHA256 not supported)

Last week I had noticed several folks were having issues deploying the latest vSphere Integrated Containers (vIC) 1.1 OVA using PowerCLI. The following error message was observed when using the Get-OvfConfiguration cmdlet which is needed before importing an OVF/OVA: PowerCLI doesn’t support SHA256 hash codes in OVF manifest As you probably have guessed, the issue […]

New "raw" VM Storage Policy support in OVFTool 4.2 simplifies bootstrapping VMs onto VSAN

Several weeks back I came across a handy little tidbit on an enhancement that was added to the latest version of OVFTool (4.2) that greatly simplifies the bootstrapping of a vCenter Server or any other VM for that matter onto a vSAN Datastore. This is generally used when setting up a pure greenfield environment where your vCenter Server may […]