New vSAN Management 6.6 API / SDKs / CLIs

With all the new awesome capabilities that have been introduced in vSAN 6.6, there is just as much Automation goodness that will be available for our customers to consume to help them easily mange and operate at scale. vSAN Management 6.6 API Below are all the new Managed Objects that have been introduced in the new vSAN Management 6.6 API. This […]

Monitoring vCenter SSO User Account Expiration

Did you know that user accounts created in the vCenter SSO Server automatically expire by default after 365 days? If you do not update your password prior to the expiration date, in about a years time you could potentially be locked out of your vCenter SSO Server which also applies to the [email protected] account. You […]

Extracting Information from VIN (vSphere Infrastructure Navigator) Part 2

In my previous article Extracting Information from VIN (vSphere Infrastructure Navigator) Part 1, we took a look at the data VIN was collecting through an interface called Jolokia. Utilizing a tool called j4psh, we were able to easily view and explore the data in VIN remotely. In this article, we will take a look at […]

Script -

I recently noticed a question on the ESXi forum about trying to add a host to a vCenter server that had the “SSL host certificate verification” enabled while using the vSphere SDK for Perl Utility on vMA. The user encountered the following error when trying to add the host: Error: SOAP Fault: ———– Fault string: Authenticity […]