VMware VSX - One plugin download site to rule them all?

VMware PEX (Partner Exchange) took place this week in San Francisco and as you would expect there were many announcements both from VMware as well as from our partners regarding new updates and products. After reading Duncan’s latest Startup News Flash I found out that PernixData has just released a new vSphere Web Client plugin […]

vSphere Web Client Plugin for Custom Attributes

I just learned about a very cool vSphere Web Client Plugin that was developed by a fellow vExpert, Patrick Haefner who shared this during the South Germany VMUG back in February of last year. The custom vSphere Web Client Plugin allows administrators to view Custom Attributes in the vSphere Web Client which is currently not […]

Which Vendor Has A vSphere Web Client Plugin?

It’s no secret that going forward, VMware’s new vSphere Web Client will be the primary graphical interface for interacting with vSphere and other solutions within the vCloud Suite. This is regardless of whether the interface is using FLEX, HTML5 or some other framework, that is not the the topic of discussion, so please do not […]

How to unregister vCenter plugin/extension using the MOB

I saw a post on the VMTN forums the other day about unregistering a vCenter plugin. The user had a bad installation of an early preview of NetApp’s VSC utility. After uninstalling the plugin, the user was still unable to unlink the plugin from vCenter. There is actually a pretty simple solution to this problem […]