New vSAN Management 6.6 API / SDKs / CLIs

With all the new awesome capabilities that have been introduced in vSAN 6.6, there is just as much Automation goodness that will be available for our customers to consume to help them easily mange and operate at scale. vSAN Management 6.6 API Below are all the new Managed Objects that have been introduced in the new vSAN Management 6.6 API. This […]

Getting started with the new VSAN 6.2 Management API

As I have previously written, with the release of VSAN 6.2 (vSphere 6.0 Update 2), a new VSAN Management API has been introduced which allows developers, partners and administrators to automate all aspects of VSAN functionality including: complete lifecycle (install, upgrade, patch), monitoring (including RVC and VSAN Observer capabilities), configuration and troubleshooting. Simply put, anything that […]

How to run the VSAN Observer in "collection" mode in the background?

The VSAN Observer is a very powerful tool that allows you to get in-depth performance analysis of your VSAN environment. One of the really useful feature is the ability to run the VSAN Observer in “collection” mode by using the –generate-html-bundle option. Something that I have noticed when running the VSAN Observer in collection mode […]