How to convert vSAN RVC commands into PowerCLI and/or other vSphere SDKs?

A common request that I see come up from our field and customers is getting specific vSAN Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) commands to be made more generally available in other vSphere CLI/SDKs like PowerCLI for example. Funny enough, many folks do not realize that this functionality has been there since vSAN 6.2 and specifically with the […]

Docker Container for the Ruby vSphere Console (RVC)

The Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) is an extremely useful tool for vSphere Administrators and has been bundled as part of vCenter Server (Windows and the vCenter Server Appliance) since vSphere 6.0. One feature that is only available in the VCSA’s version of RVC is the VSAN Observer which is used to capture and analyze performance statistics for a VSAN environment […]

Automating full configuration of a VSAN Stretched Cluster using RVC

A couple of weeks back I had spent some time setting up several VSAN Stretched Clusters in my lab for some testing and although it was extremely easy to setup using the vSphere Web Client, I still prefer to stand up the environment completely automated 🙂 In looking to automate the VSAN Stretched Cluster configuration, […]

How to run the VSAN Observer in "collection" mode in the background?

The VSAN Observer is a very powerful tool that allows you to get in-depth performance analysis of your VSAN environment. One of the really useful feature is the ability to run the VSAN Observer in “collection” mode by using the –generate-html-bundle option. Something that I have noticed when running the VSAN Observer in collection mode […]

How to upgrade to the latest VSAN Beta Refresh of RVC on Windows?

A variety of new updates can be found in the latest VSAN Beta Refresh including a new RVC (Ruby vSphere Console) namespace called SPBM (Storage Policy Based Management) that allows users manage and configure VM Storage Policies. However, this update is currently only available for the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) and there is no update […]