Workaround to deploy vSphere Integrated Containers 1.1 OVA using PowerCLI (SHA256 not supported)

Last week I had noticed several folks were having issues deploying the latest vSphere Integrated Containers (vIC) 1.1 OVA using PowerCLI. The following error message was observed when using the Get-OvfConfiguration cmdlet which is needed before importing an OVF/OVA: PowerCLI doesn’t support SHA256 hash codes in OVF manifest As you probably have guessed, the issue […]

Default hashing algorithm changed in OVFTool 4.2 preventing OVF/OVA import using vSphere C# Client

After upgrading my home lab recently to vSphere 6.5, I also updated some of the related utilities such as the various SDKs and CLIs. One of the CLIs that I had updated was the latest version of OVFTool which is now at 4.2. I use OVFTool extensively to automate various Virtual Machine deployments (import/export). While testing out a […]

Extracting SSL Thumbprint from ESXi

While browsing the VMTN forums earlier this week, I noticed an interesting request from a user who was trying to compile an inventory of the SHA1 Thumbprints for all his ESXi hosts. The challenge the user had, was that he was capturing this information manually by “looking” at the DCUI screen which is where the […]

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I recently noticed a question on the ESXi forum about trying to add a host to a vCenter server that had the “SSL host certificate verification” enabled while using the vSphere SDK for Perl Utility on vMA. The user encountered the following error when trying to add the host: Error: SOAP Fault: ———– Fault string: Authenticity […]