SMART drive data now available using vSAN Management 6.6 API

One of the major storage enhancements that was introduced in vSphere 5.1 as part of the new I/O Device Management (IODM) framework was the addition of SMART (Self Monitoring, Analysis And Reporting Technology) data for monitoring FC, FCoE, iSCSI, SAS protocol statistics, this is especially useful for monitoring the health of an SSD device. Historically, […]

Apple Mac Pro 6,1 PCIe SSD issue resolved w/ESXi 6.0 Update 2

Early last year, the new Apple Mac Pro 6,1 (aka black can design) was certified and fully supported on vSphere 6.0 which I had blogged about here. Several months later, customers discovered that some of the newer Mac Pro 6,1 units were shipping with different model of their PCIe SSD device than what was originally released at GA. This was […]

Quick stats for the VSAN HCL

I noticed there was a new blog post this morning from Wade Holmes on an update to the VSAN HCL and I thought it might be useful to provide some quick stats on all the partners who have supported components listed on the VSAN HCL such as the storage controllers, SSDs and MDs. As of […]

How to run Nested ESXi on the vCloud Hybrid Service?

Today I was granted access to VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service and the first order of business for me of course, was to provision a Nested ESXi VM! After going through the vCHS UI (which is very slick and easy to use by the way) and the vCloud Director UI, I realized the ESXi guestOS type […]

VSAN Flash/MD capacity reporting

One of the capabilities that is available with VSAN when creating a VM Storage Policy is the ability to specify the amount of to Flash to reserve for a Virtual Machine object as a read cache. For Virtual Machines that require high levels of performance, you can assign this policy to the Virtual machine and […]