Configuring per-VMDK IOPS reservations in vSphere 6.0

One of the new features in vSphere 6.0 that was quickly mentioned at the end of Duncan Epping’s What’s New Storage DRS blog post is the ability to configure an IOPS reservation on a per-VMDK basis which is now integrated with both Storage IO Control (SIOC) and Storage DRS. As Duncan mentioned at the end […]

Script - Automate Storage I/O Control in vSphere 4.1 (

Storage I/O Control is a new feature of vSphere 4.1 which allows a user to┬ádefine the QoS prioritization for the I/O activity on a single host or a cluster of hosts. SIOC supports only VMFS volumes and the latency threshold is configured on a per VMFS datastore. Currently, the only method of configuring SIOC is […]