Quick Tip - Steps to shutdown/startup VSAN Cluster w/vCenter running on VSAN Datastore

I know Cormac Hogan already wrote about this topic awhile ago, but there was a question that was recently brought up that included a slight twist which I thought it would be useful to share some additional details. The question that was raised: How do you properly shutdown an entire VSAN Cluster when vCenter Server […]

How to recover VCSA 5.5 from an expired administrator account?

Last week I wrote about a new security feature in the new VCSA 5.5 where the administrator account (root) password will now expire automatically after 90 days of powering on the VCSA if the password is not changed before then. This new enhancement is to ensures that administrative passwords are rotated routinely for good security […]

Administrator password expiration in new VCSA 5.5

A new security enhancement that you should be aware of when deploying the new vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 5.5 is that there is now a password expiration that is enabled for the administrator account (root) after powering on the VCSA. By default, the password will expire 90 days after and if the password is not […]

New vCenter Server Simulator 2.0 enhancements in VCSA 5.5

Last year I wrote about a very interesting tool called vCenter Server Simulator (VCSIM) which allows a user to quickly simulate a VMware environment that can be comprised of thousands of ESXi hosts and virtual machines. VCSIM can benefit a variety of use cases such as learning about the vSphere API, creating reports for vSphere […]

How To Configure vCenter Server 5.0 To Work With VIN 2.0?

Many of you know that I am a huge fan of VIN (vSphere Infrastructure Navigator) and the value it can bring to vSphere administrators and their organizations. With the latest release of VIN 2.0, there are even more exciting features and integration with both the vSphere and vCenter Operations Manager platforms. However, one of the […]