Maximum number of vCenter Servers per Single Sign-On (SSO) Domain

This particular question and its variations have been raised quite a bit lately by our field and customers. For me, this was an opportunity to see if we can provide some additional clarification and help explain some of the nuances that may have been causing some of the confusion around the supported maximums for both vCenter Server […]

vCenter Server High Availability (VCHA) PowerCLI 6.5 community module

As some of you may know, I have been spending some time with the new vCenter Server High Availability (VCHA) feature that was introduced in vSphere 6.5. In fact, I had even published an article a few weeks back on how to enable the new vCenter Server High Availability (VCHA) feature with only a single ESXi host which allowed […]

How to enable vCenter Server High Availability (VCHA) in vSphere 6.5 w/single ESXi host?

One of the big new features that was introduced in vSphere 6.5, exclusively for vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA), is the vCenter Server High Availability (VCHA) capablilty. Feidhlim O’Leary has an excllent blog post covering what VCHA provides as well as a couple of demo videos on how it works, definitely worth checking out! After upgrading one of my […]