Quick Tip - Using ovftool to connect to vCloud Director behind a 2-Factor Authentication portal

A couple of months back I ran into an issue while trying to upload a couple of files to VMware’s internal OneCloud environment which uses vCloud Director. The issue that I encountered was that our OneCloud environment no longer supported basic username/password authentication, which I hoping to automate using ovftool. Instead, it is now front-ended […]

Creating your own 3rd Party Content Library for vSphere 6.0 & vCloud Director 5.x

If you recall a few weeks back, I had shared a custom vGhetto Content Library that I had created that contains a collection of my Nested ESXi and VSAN OVF Templates that anyone with a vSphere 6.0 or vCloud Director 5.x environment could subscribed to. This custom Content Library is also known as a 3rd […]

How to deploy vSphere 6.0 (VCSA & ESXi) on vCloud Director and vCloud Air?

In case you missed the awesome news last Friday, George Kobar who works over in the vCloud Air team shared a really cool solution in which he demonstrates how to efficiently setup Nested ESXi running in vCloud Air which includes support for inner-vm guest communication without requiring Promiscuous Mode. Nested ESXi has been possible on […]

CoreOS is now available as OVA in Alpha channel

It looks like the folks over at CoreOS have now also produced an OVA image which can be easily imported into a vSphere or even vCloud Air environment. Previously, it took a few addition steps to convert the “hosted” disk image originally meant for VMware Fusion/Workstation to properly work in a vSphere/vCloud Air based environment. […]

Configuring a "Whitelist" for VM advanced settings in vCloud Director

The ability to preserve a Virtual Machine’s “virtual hardware personality” during an export has been around since the release of vSphere and vCloud Director 5.1 also known as a Lossless OVF Export. However, when it comes time to import that Virtual Machine back into your environment, will it be a “lossless” import? For vSphere, the […]