Extending VSAN capabilities in the vSphere Web Client using vCO

One of my favorite features of vCenter Orchestrator is how easy it is to extend an existing vCO workflow and making it available directly in the vSphere Web Client. I think this is still not a very well known feature of vCO, but once you realize the capability of this feature, you will see how […]

Quick Tip - Automate the export of a vCenter Orchestrator workflow using the CLI

Steve Jin recently wrote an article about vCenter Orchestrator REST APIs: Executing Workflow which reminded me of an interesting issue that I had faced several months back. I had just finished developing a custom workflow on a beta version of vCenter Orchestrator and of course one of the challenges with using early software is that […]

Automate vCenter Orchestrator Configuration Backups

Last year I wrote an article on how to quickly configure a new vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 appliance which automatically goes through the necessary steps of configuring your vCO appliance and enabling the vCenter Server plugin and associating it with your vCenter Server. These steps are usually performed manually, but when you are looking at deploying […]

Changing GuestOS Type Using a Custom vCO Workflow in the vSphere Web Client

Something you might not have noticed, is the fact that you can not change or modify the guestOS type after a virtual machine has been created in the new vSphere Web Client, this option is just grayed out. Though this is a change in behavior compared to the old vSphere C# Client, I actually took […]

Quickly Configuring the New vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 Appliance

Have you checked out the latest release of vCenter Orchestrator 5.1? If not, you should really consider taking a look as there are number of significant enhancements in this release. Deploying the vCO 5.1 virtual appliance is a quick and easy way of getting started and that is what I used to test drive the […]