Will Intel’s VMCS Shadowing Feature Benefit VMware’s Nested Virtualization?

For many years now, VMware customers have been using Nested Virtualization, which is the ability to run a hypervisor such as vSphere ESXi within a virtual machine. Even though Nested Virtualization is not officially supported by VMware, customers have come to rely upon this technology for their lab environments and sometimes even production environments. VMware […]

How To Enable Nested ESXi Using VXLAN In vSphere & vCloud Director

Recently I had received several inquiries asking on how to configure nested ESXi (Nested Virtualization) to function in a VXLAN environment. I have written several articles in the past on configuring nested ESXi in a regular vSphere and vCloud Director environment, but with the use of a VXLAN backed network, there are a few additional […]

Nested Virtualization APIs For vSphere & vCloud Director 5.1

Did you know with the release of vSphere 5.1 and vCloud Director 5.1, there are now APIs that allow you to enable/disable Nested Virtualization aka (Virtual Hardware Virtualization) on a Virtual Machine? Disclaimer: Nested Virtualization is not officially supported by VMware. In the vSphere 5.1 API, there are two new properties related to Nested Virtualization: […]

Nested Virtualization Resources

Here is a consolidated page on all the articles that I have written about the Nested Virtualizatoin (nested ESXi, Hyper-V, etc) and all the goodies that are “Not Supported”. vSphere / vCloud 5.1 Having Difficulties Enabling Nested ESXi in vSphere 5.1? How to Enable Nested ESXi & Other Hypervisors in vSphere 5.1 How to Enable […]

Having Difficulties Enabling Nested ESXi in vSphere 5.1?

I noticed there were a few folks having some difficulties enabling Nested ESXi (VHV Virtual Hardware Virtualization) in the latest release of ESXi 5.1 and I thought I share some additional info and tips on troubleshooting your setup in case you are running into similar problems. *** DISCLAIMER **** This is not officially supported by […]