Feedback on default behavior for VM Storage Policy

Today, the vCenter REST (vSphere Automation) APIs currently does not support the use of VM Storage Policies when relocating (vMotion, Cross Datacenter vMotion & Storage vMotion) or cloning an existing Virtual Machine. Customers have provided feedback that this is something that they would like to see get added to the current REST APIs and while […]

Minimum permissions to view VM Storage Policies

Any way to allow vCenter users to see #SPBM policies without using global permissions?No pol visible w/cluster level permissions #vmware — Aaron Patten (@Jedimt) January 18, 2017 I saw this question from Aaron yesterday while scrolling through my Twitter timeline and after answering it, I figure I write a quick blog post about it in case this comes […]

SPBM APIs are now included in pyvmomi (vSphere SDK for Python)

I have been spending quite a bit of time lately with PowerCLI Core, especially with one of my pet projects. One of the limitations that PowerCLI Core has today is that the Storage cmdlets which includes vSAN and VVol functionality has not been ported over yet. This means that if you need to do something with VM Storage Policies for […]

New "raw" VM Storage Policy support in OVFTool 4.2 simplifies bootstrapping VMs onto VSAN

Several weeks back I came across a handy little tidbit on an enhancement that was added to the latest version of OVFTool (4.2) that greatly simplifies the bootstrapping of a vCenter Server or any other VM for that matter onto a vSAN Datastore. This is generally used when setting up a pure greenfield environment where your vCenter Server may […]

Unable to apply VSAN VM Storage Policy on NSX Controller/Edge VMs?

This post was inspired by a recent Twitter conversation with Joep Piscaer who ran into an interesting challenge with VSAN and NSX. I want to apply a VSAN VM Storage Policy to a NSX Controller, but I’m getting an "The method is disabled by ‘vShield_SVM’” error. Any ideas? — Joep Piscaer (@jpiscaer) December 31, 2014 […]