Cool Docker Container for VMware Utilities

Last week during lunch I learned about a cool little project that my colleague Alan Renouf was working on in his spare time at night. He was interested in learning more about Docker and thought the best way to learn about something new was by using it, which is normally how I learn as well. […]

Free Linux & Windows Syslog Alternatives to depercated vi-logger in vMA 5

Those of you who currently use vi-logger in vMA 4.x as a free syslog server for your ESX(i) hosts may notice this functionality has been removed in the latest vMA 5 release. VMware decided to remove the syslog functionality in vMA in favor of combining it with the vCenter Server. If you decide to run […]

ESXi Lockdown mode does not play nice with vMA

Today on the VMTN community forums, a user identified an interesting side effect when using vMA’s vilogger and enabling lockdown mode on an ESXi host. What the user found was the vilogger daemon stopped collecting logs when lockdown mode was enabled for an ESXi host. At first, I thought lockdown mode should have no affect […]