Using vSphere Guest Operations API on macOS Guests? 

I have written a number of articles exploring the usage and some of the cool tricks that the vSphere Guest Operations (GuestOps) feature provides which you can be found here, here, here and here. I have been a huge fan and supporter of GuestOps since the early days where it was formally known as the VIX […]

VMXNET3 driver now included in Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)+

Yesterday I received a pretty interesting comment from one of my Twitter followers @NTmatter who wrote: @lamw Just noticed that OSX has a VMXNET3 driver. Have to edit the vmx file to actually use it, but it's there! AppleVmxnet3Ethernet.kext — Thomas Johnson (@NTmatter) September 30, 2016 This is a pretty neat find because currently today, the only network adapter that […]

Using PowerCLI to invoke Guest Operations API to a Nested ESXi VM

In my opinion, the Guest Operations API in vSphere is still one of the most powerful Virtual Machine capabilities that is available to vSphere Administrators and anyone else who integrates with the vSphere Platform. The Guest Operations API allows users to perform guest operations (running commands, transferring files, etc) directly within the guestOS as if […]

Automating installation of VMware Tools for Mac OS X

After publishing my recent article on automating the silent installation of VMware Tools for Linux guestOSes, I received a similar question regarding Mac OS X guests and whether the existing script would also apply. The answer is no since Mac OS X packages differ from the Linux installres, but it is possible to automate the […]

Automating silent installation of VMware Tools on Linux w/Automatic Kernel Modules

There was a recent question that was posted internally looking for a way to automate the silent installation of VMware Tools for Linux guest operating systems which also required enabling additional VMware Tools features like VMware’s Automatic Kernel Modules. Currently, there are two options of installing VMware Tools for Linux guests, the first is by […]