Configuring a "Whitelist" for VM advanced settings in vCloud Director

The ability to preserve a Virtual Machine’s “virtual hardware personality” during an export has been around since the release of vSphere and vCloud Director 5.1 also known as a Lossless OVF Export. However, when it comes time to import that Virtual Machine back into your environment, will it be a “lossless” import? For vSphere, the […]

How to change hardware serial number for Mac OS X Guest?

There was an interesting question that was asked the other day about changing the hardware serial number for an Apple Mac OS X guest as the generated serial number is not compatible with services such as Apple Caching Service or iMessage. I recall seeing this question get asked awhile back, but I could not immediately […]

A Hidden vSphere 5.1 Gem - Forwarding Virtual Machine Logs (vmware.log) to Syslog Part 2

In Part 1 I showed how you can forward virtual machine logs to ESXi syslog using an advanced virtual machine setting that was introduced in vSphere 5.1. A caveat with this solution is that the ESXi syslog file contains both system logs as well as virtual machine logs which is not very ideal from an […]

A Hidden vSphere 5.1 Gem - Forwarding Virtual Machine Logs (vmware.log) to Syslog Part 1

Using the new vCenter Log Insight product, you can easily forward application logs from various products within the vCloud Suite for easy analysis and troubleshooting. However, one very important set of logs that we have not been able to collect in the past is the virtual machine logs (vmware.log) which are stored in the working […]