Verify Hypervisor-Assisted Guest Mitigation (Spectre) patches using PowerCLI

VMware recently published a new knowledge base (KB) article 52085 that outlines instructions for enabling the Hypervisor-Assisted Guest Mitigation (CVE-2017-5715), also known as the Spectre vulnerability. This KB also provides steps to verify the updated microcode (included in the ESXi patch) has been applied along with Virtual Machine verification (those applicable) to ensure that they are seeing […]

How to clear the ARP cache in ESXi prior to vSphere 5.5

Yesterday, I wrote an article about a new ESXCLI command that will be available as part of the soon to be released vSphere 5.5 release which allows a user to clear the ARP cache on an ESXi 5.5 host. It was my understanding that with past releases of ESXi, that it is not possible to […]

What's New in VMware Vsish for ESXi 5.1

While going through and cleaning up my ghettoSkunkworks projects folder before going on PTO, I came across this little post which I must have forgotten to publish. With the latest release of ESXi 5.1, there are now a total of 162 new vsish configuration parameters, with 63 of those being hidden parameters. ***As usual with […]

Configuring ESXi Power Management Policy Using the CLI

An interesting question on the VMTN forum caught my eye today, which was around configuring ESXi’s Power Management Policy using the command-line via a kickstart script. I found this question to be interesting as I never had to tweak this configuration and was curious myself to see how you might be able to perform this […]

What's New in VMware Vsish for ESXi 5

I wrote about What Is VMware Vsish back in 2010 which included a list of 771 configuration parameters some public and some hidden. With the latest release of ESXi 5, I have compiled a list of the net new configuration parameters that comes out to the following: Total: 232  Public: 146Hidden: 86 ***As usual with […]