Did you know that VMware Host Profile is extensible by 3rd Parties?

Managing ESXi host configurations can be challenging and the potential risk for configuration drift between the running environment and the set of configuration scripts or worse, manual configuration is quite high. On top of that, how do you ensure proper compliance of all your ESXi host configurations in your environment and easily prove that in […]

VMware officially releases vibddi for vSphere 4.1

There were several product releases last week that got a lot of buzz on the inter-tube: VMware Fusion 4 VMware Workstation 8 VMware vCloud Director 5 VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 VMware View 5 VMware vFabric 5 Microsoft Windows 8 However, VMware actually released an additional product last week which snuck under the radar, vibddi. […]

New Application Awareness API in vSphere 5

Application Awareness HA is not a new feature in vSphere 5, it has actually has been around since vSphere 4.1. With this feature, vSphere HA can monitor heartbeats generated from an application monitor within the guestOS and reboot the virtual machine. What is actually new in vSphere 5 is the availability of the Application Awareness […]

How to Send vCenter Alarm Notification to Growl

This tweet from Jason Nash and @PunchingClouds says it all and here it is! I did some research this afternoon and stumbled upon this article Nagios: Notifications via Growl and leveraging the Net::Growl Perl module, I was able to forward alarms generated from a vCenter server to a system that was running Growl. Software Requirements: […]

How to Persist Configuration Changes in ESXi 4.x/5.x Part 2

Continuing from part 1 of How to Persist Configuration Changes in ESXi 4.x/5.x Part 1, here is another method which I prefer when trying to persist configuration changes in ESXi. When ESXi boots up, it loads it’s filesystem into memory which the modules to be loaded up are determined by the configuration found in /bootbank/boot.cfg […]