w00t! VMware Tools for Nested ESXi!

I have been working with Nested ESXi since it original inception and this technology has greatly benefited me and the entire VMware community, especially when it comes to learning about VMware software and being able to easily prototype something before installing it on actual hardware. However, one thing that I felt that has been missing […]

Did you know that VMware Host Profile is extensible by 3rd Parties?

Managing ESXi host configurations can be challenging and the potential risk for configuration drift between the running environment and the set of configuration scripts or worse, manual configuration is quite high. On top of that, how do you ensure proper compliance of all your ESXi host configurations in your environment and easily prove that in […]

Whitepaper: Migrating From VIX API to the vSphere Guest Operations API

The VMware VIX API in my opinion is still one of the most powerful and undervalued API’s that is available to customers and partners for Virtual Machine guest operating system Automation. The VIX API allows you to perform guest operations such as starting/stopping an application, file/directory manipulation, uploading/downloading files all within the guest operating system […]

Running ESXi 5.0 & 5.1 on 2012 Mac Mini 6,2

If you recently purchased the new 2012 Apple Mac Mini 6,2 which was just released not too long ago and tried to install either ESXi 5.0 or 5.1, you probably noticed a PSOD (Pink/Purple Screen of Death) during the installation. This is currently a known issue and there is an extensive VMTN thread (9,300+ views) […]