Quick Tip - How to disable the landing page for vCenter Server 5.x & 6.x?

The question of wanting to disable the default landing page for the vCenter Server is one that comes up infrequently. In fact, I probably see this maybe once or twice a year. However, when it does come up, it usually revolves around two topics: some sort of security risk and limiting users from obtaining software […]

Working USB Ethernet Adapter (NIC) for ESXi

As part of upgrading my personal vSphere home lab from an Apple Mac Mini to an Intel NUC (more on this in a future blog), I have been researching to see if there are other alternatives for adding an additional network adapter. The Intel NUC only includes a single built-in ethernet adapter which is similar to the Mac […]

Detecting duplicate VM MAC Address using vCenter Server Alarm

Having a duplicate VM MAC Address in your environment can lead to an extremely painful day of troubleshooting and it can also be tough to prevent depending on how and where you provision your VMs. There are two cases that I can think of where a duplicate MAC Address can potentially occur: You manually assign […]

w00t! VMware Tools for Nested ESXi!

I have been working with Nested ESXi since it original inception and this technology has greatly benefited me and the entire VMware community, especially when it comes to learning about VMware software and being able to easily prototype something before installing it on actual hardware. However, one thing that I felt that has been missing […]

How to clear the ARP cache in ESXi prior to vSphere 5.5

Yesterday, I wrote an article about a new ESXCLI command that will be available as part of the soon to be released vSphere 5.5 release which allows a user to clear the ARP cache on an ESXi 5.5 host. It was my understanding that with past releases of ESXi, that it is not possible to […]