An update on how to retrieve useful information from a vSphere login?

There was an internal Socialcast question today in which the answer could be found in my how to identify the origin of a vSphere login article. After responding to the question, I had realized that I wrote that article almost 6 years ago and what is even more crazy is that it is still very applicable today. […]

You no longer can install vSphere C# Client on Windows Domain Controller in vSphere 5.5

In the last couple of days I have noticed several folks comment on a new check that has been put in place in vSphere 5.5 which prevents a user from installing the vSphere C# Client onto a Windows Domain Controller system. If you try to install the vSphere C# Client on a Domain Controller system, […]

Blocking vSphere C# Client Logins

I recently picked up on this neat little tidbit from Mr. Not Supported aka Randy Keener, where you can block a user from logging into the vCenter Server using the vSphere C# Client. Other than playing a prank on your co-workers, you might be wondering is there a use case for this? Surprisingly, this is […]

How to unregister vCenter plugin/extension using the MOB

I saw a post on the VMTN forums the other day about unregistering a vCenter plugin. The user had a bad installation of an early preview of NetApp’s VSC utility. After uninstalling the plugin, the user was still unable to unlink the plugin from vCenter. There is actually a pretty simple solution to this problem […]