An update on how to retrieve useful information from a vSphere login?

There was an internal Socialcast question today in which the answer could be found in my how to identify the origin of a vSphere login article. After responding to the question, I had realized that I wrote that article almost 6 years ago and what is even more crazy is that it is still very applicable today. […]

Do I need to install both the vSphere CLI & vSphere SDK for Perl?

I received this question from one of our TAMs (Technical Account Managers) last week asking what is the difference between the vSphere CLI and the vSphere SDK for Perl and whether you need to install both of them. The simple answer is there is no difference, but why do we have two packages then? Well, […]

Automate Enabling VM Storage Profiles Capability in vSphere

I recently had to rebuild one of my lab environments that consisted of a vCenter Server and several ESXi hosts and one of the capabilities I required was VM Storage Profiles. In a brand new vSphere environment, VM Storage Profiles is disabled by default, presumably due to licensing as this feature is not available in every […]

Automating VCSA Network Configurations For Greenfield Deployments

If you deploy the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) or other virtual appliances directly onto an ESXi host, you will notice the network configuration wizard for the virtual appliance is not available as you would expect when deploying to a vCenter Server. The reason for this is that ESXi does not support some of the advanced […]

Retrieving vscsiStats Using the vSphere 5.1 API

In my previous article, I talked about the new Service Manager API that was introduced in vSphere 5.1 and how you can retrieve ESXTOP performance data using this new vSphere API. In this article I will show you how to collect vscsiStats data using this same interface. If you are not familiar or have not […]