Moving ESXi hosts with LACP/LAG between vCenter Servers?

At VMworld this year, I had received several questions from customers asking whether it was possible to move an ESXi host configured using LACP/LAG from one vCenter Server to another, similar to the workflows outlined here or here. Not having spent much time with LACP/LAG, I reached out to a fellow colleague who I knew would know the answer, […]

Automate the reverse, migrating from vSphere Distributed Switch to Virtual Standard Switch using PowerCLI 5.5

Last week I demonstrated how you can easily leverage the new PowerCLI 5.5 VDS cmdlets to migrate from a VSS (Virtual Standard Switch) to a VDS (vSphere Distributed Switch). During the development of the script, I needed a way to easily jump back and fourth between VSS->VDS and VDS->VSS and I wanted to automate this […]

Automate the migration from Virtual Standard Switch to vSphere Distributed Switch using PowerCLI 5.5

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the lab lately working with some of our “future” software and one of the fun tasks I get to do is perform frequent rebuilds of my lab environment. Depending on the issues I encounter, I may even need to rebuild it on a daily basis […]