Embedded Host Client Fling v3 released!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that version 3 of the awesome Embedded Host Client Fling has just been released! In addition to all the new features and bug fixes which you can find more details below, there is now also an offline bundle for ESXi 5.x as well as ESXi 6.x […]

ESXi Embedded Host Client Fling updated to v2

The response and feedback from our customers on the recently released HTML5 Embedded Host Client for ESXi Fling has just been absolutely phenomenal. Having only been released for a little less than two weeks ago, it has also become the #1 Fling on the VMware Labs which is an amazing accomplishment in it itself as well as to […]

New HTML5 Embedded Host Client for ESXi

How many of you remember the old WebAccess interface that came with classic ESX 2.0? I know I sure do! It was a very useful interface that allowed administrators to easily manage their ESX hosts through a web browser that provided basic VM creation, troubleshooting and most importantly initial bootstrap configurations for greenfield deployments where a vCenter Server may not be […]

Ghetto webAccess for ESXi

I got the idea for this post a few months back after noticing several questions on the VMTN forums on how to enable webAccess for ESXi. With ESXi, the webAccess interface is no longer available as it was with classic ESX. After seeing the question and randomly browsing through the various flings on VMware Labs, […]