Workarounds for deploying PhotonOS 2.0 on vSphere, Fusion & Workstation

PhotonOS 2.0 was just released last week and it includes a number of exciting new enhancements which you can read more about here. Over the last few days, I had noticed quite a few folks having issues deploying the latest PhotonOS OVA, including myself. I figure I would share the current workarounds after reaching out to […]

How to deploy the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 6.5 running on VMware Fusion & Workstation?

As with any new release of vSphere, it is quite common for customers to deploy the new software in either a vSphere home or test lab to get more familiar with it. Although not everyone has access to a vSphere lab environment, the next best thing is to leverage either VMware Fusion or Workstation. With the upcoming release […]

VM serial logging to the rescue for capturing Nested ESXi PSOD

I frequently deploy pre-releases of our software to help test and provide early feedback to our Engineering teams. One piece of software that I deploy some what frequently is our ESXi Hypervisor and the best way to deploy it, is of course inside of a Virtual Machine or commonly referred to as Nested ESXi. Most recently while testing a new ESXi build […]

Building minimal vSphere demo lab using VMware Fusion/Workstation with only 8GB memory?

After tweeting this update last week, I received quite a few questions on how I was able to squeeze a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) & ESXi 6.0 Update 1 along with a VMware Photon VM, all running on my Mac Book Air with only 8GB of memory. Although, I was not able to make use of my […]

Ultimate automation guide to deploying VCSA 6.0 Part 4: vCenter Server Management Node

In this last and final article, I will share alternative methods of deploying vCenter Server management node using the VCSA 6.0 appliance. Take a look at the various deployment methods below and their respective instructions for more details. If you are deploying using one of the scripts below, you will need to extract the contents […]