I know many of you have reached out over the years and have expressed interest in the VMware Cycling Kits which I have written about here & here. In fact, I still get pinged about this topic every couple of months even though the last time we had ran an order was back in 2014! Obviously, the demand is still high and who can blame you, the kits look freaking amazing 🙂

Earlier this week, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we were working on a new 2017 VMware Cycling Kit! Kasey Linden, who works in our Federal team was leading this effort and was gauging interests internally. I was definitely interested and I had also suggested that we open this up to the general public as historically it was kept internal for logistical purposes. Not only did Kasey love the idea, but he plans to have the cycling kits available directly on the VMware Merchandise Store for anyone to purchase, which is huge if you ask me!

As of right now, the designs are currently being worked on with the vendor and once that has been approved, it will go live on the VMware Store.

Here is a quick timeline for those interested in looking to grab a cycling kit this year:

  • Begin Art By: 7/14
  • Art Approved: 7/27
  • Team Store Open: 7/28
  • Team Store Close: 8/11
  • Delivery: 10/6

Note: Pricing has not been finalized yet, but like with any custom order, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the price will be

I will continue to provide updates on this blog post as more information is made available, so feel free to check back every so often.

One thing that I thought would be cool is to go back and look at some of the previous designs for VMware Cycling Kits, here were some of the ones I could find (I own both the 2014/2013 kits):


I had used this kit for the Wave2Wines BikeMS ride.



Bottom jersey (picture courtesy of Scott Jobe)


Top jersey (picture courtesy of Scott Jobe)


I also found this on our internal site which looks like it may have been a custom and limited order (love the original VMware logo!)

14 thoughts on “VMware 2017 Cycling Kit

  1. Quick one – will we be able to convert the design to a tri-top? I don’t solely ride bikes, a triathlon top would be ace.

  2. Watching as well. Please be sure to list fit info (slim, standard, relaxed), as I’m in between sizes.

    • As with past orders, there’ll be specific sizing guidelines and how to properly measure yourself to get the right fit. That’ll be included before you make your selections

  3. Awesome! Im in. Hoping that the kit will be able to be ordered in pieces. Id like a set of arm warmers, gloves and jersey. I may not need the shorts/bib shorts but would like the option.

    • Yes, everything will be individual so you will be able to pick and choose. Once we’ve got the design finalized, we’ll see what other gear is available for purchase

    • It looks like for the initial VMware Store publishing, it’ll be US only (for now). However, on the initial order, we should be able to also take in direct orders and they can ship outside of the US. We’ll get those details sorted out once we’ve got the design confirmed and I’ll update here with all the details for both US and non-US orders

  4. YEAH!!! I will be in for sure on at least a jersey! And this will be my first VMWorld and I’m scheduled for your session, can’t wait!

Thanks for the comment!