It is that time of the year again, Eric Siebert who runs the popular website has just opened up the polls for the Top 25 VMware Virtualization Blogs. This year the voting is not only for the top 25 blogs, but Eric has also introduced categories for best storage, scripting, news information blog, etc. that you can also vote for. I already have a few that I will definitely be voting for such as Steve Jin, Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman and Alan Renouf but also new comers like Chris Colotti.

Here are the top 10 popular posts on virtuallyGhetto for 2011 to help make your decision and vote for virtuallyGhetto!

  1. Automating ESXi 4.1 Kickstart Tips & Tricks
  2. Getting started with vMA 
  3. New vSphere Health Check 5.0 & ghettoVCB Script
  4. How to Enable Support for Nested 64bit & Hyper-V VMs in vSphere 5
  5. How to Run Windows 8 on vSphere 5
  6. Automating ESXi 5 Kickstart Tips & Tricks 
  7. How to Enable Nested vFT (virtual Fault Tolerance) in vSphere 5
  8. When Can I Run Apple OSX on vSphere 5?
  9. How to inject custom drivers into an ESXi 4.1 image using vibddi?
  10. vSphere Tagging Feature Not So Invisible

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