There is going to so much awesomeness at this year's VMworld, but one new event that I am most excited for this year is the #NotSupported Sessions which will be held at the VMware Community Lounge. The concept of this event was thought of by no other than Randy Keener, who works in TechOps at VMware. Randy's idea was to put together an event where people from all around could share tips/tricks, best practices, etc. on some of the neat and cool things  people have done with VMware technologies that may not be "officially supported". This can include installing ESXi on not supported white box configurations, to running nested ESXi for home lab environments. 

I am really glad Randy pushed for this event this year, as this is like a dream come for myself as I tend to walk on the "Not Supported" road quite frequently for those who know me well. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of VMware's products and it will be great to meet other people who also enjoy doing the same. I will also be presenting at #NotSupported which will take place on Wednesday 8/29, so be sure to come check out my session as well as Duncan Epping's session from 1-3pm or even coming by and just saying hello. 

For more details about #NotSupported sessions, including the vBrownBags which will also be taking place in the VMware Community Lounge, take a look at the schedule here.

In addition to the awesome session line-up, there will also be some NEW stuff that I have been working on with Randy and some of our engineers which will be unveiled by Randy during the #NotSupported event, so you won't want to miss out! #NotSupported will be the PLACE to be at VMworld 2012! Hope to see you there!

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