“There’s a CloudPhysics card for that” … is what you could be saying pretty soon with all the great ideas that have been suggested so far in the CloudPhysics Lab for the CloudPhysics VMworld 2012 Challenge. One of the coolest aspect of the challenge, is it is 100% community driven and the idea is really simple. Suggest an idea (using a card) that describes an issue or challenge you have faced or are facing in your vSphere environment.

Note: To learn more about CloudPhysics, check out Frank Denneman’s CloudPhysics in a nutshell article.

An example card suggestion could be automatically validate all Virtual Machines against the vSphere Security Hardening Guide or provide a DRS vCPU analyzer and recommend or automate Virtual Machine migration based on vCPU count.  
As you can see, the possibilities are endless and there are currently over 500 cards that have been suggested so far. You still have time to join in on the fun (contest ends on Aug 26th, 2012), just sign up at at CloudPhysics.com and start suggesting your ideas and you can win some really cool prizes if your card is rated as one of the best by the community.

Note: Due to U.S legislation, non-U.S. residents are excluded from winning prizes

The voting system on CloudPhysics just went live yesterday and there is also a new layout for viewing all the cards in the system. The cards are now organized in the following manner:

  • My Suggested Cards (these are cards you created)
  • Most Popular
  • Newest Cards
  • Random Cards
  • All Community Cards

So after you are done submitting your card ideas, be sure to vote on some of your favorite community cards or leave comments on the cards. The more voting and commenting you do, the more points you earn!

Here are a few cards that I personally thought were interesting and voted for:
So hopefully in the near future, you can say “There is a CloudPhysics Card for that” and it just might be your card!

Thanks for the comment!