VMware PEX (Partner Exchange) took place this week in San Francisco and as you would expect there were many announcements both from VMware as well as from our partners regarding new updates and products. After reading Duncan's latest Startup News Flash I found out that PernixData has just released a new vSphere Web Client plugin and thought I would update my popular article Which Vendor Has A vSphere Web Client Plugin? After sharing the update on Twitter, I received several more updates from couple other vendors which I have also updated.

In talking to Jason Boche and others, it was noted that it was pretty difficult to not only find a complete list of vSphere Web Client Plugins (which is why I created the original article) but also complete list of vC Ops Management Packs and vCO Plugins. I was thinking about creating additional articles to capture these plugin downloads and then realized VMware already provides this through VMware Solution Exchange website also known as VSX which was recently revamped in the last couple of months.

It took me a minutes to find the location of the VMware plugins, but it is listed under Cloud Management Marketplace. Under this section, you will have the ability to filter by the specific VMware product you are interested in for add-ons as well as the content type (e.g. workflow vs documentation).

Here is a quick link to the add-on download page for the following VMware products:

I think it would be really useful to also include a section for vSphere Web Client plugins, but for now you can take a look at the complete list here. I will provide my feedback again to the folks running VSX and hopefully we some luck we will get a section for the vSphere Web Client plugins.

Thanks for the comment!