vSphere 6.0 includes a number of new storage platform capabilities and new features which includes VSAN 6.0, VVOLS and NFS v4.1 to just name a few. For those of you who are interested in consuming these new capabilities programmatically for Automation, here are some of the new vSphere 6.0 APIs to be aware of from a Storage stand point.

Generic Storage Sub-System

  • HostStorageSystem (Existing Managed Object)
    • Methods to manage and configure NFS v4.1
      • ChangeNFSUserPassword
      • ClearNFSUser
      • QueryNFSUser
      • SetNFSUser
    • Methods to mark a Disk device either Local or Remote
      • MarkAsLocal_Task
      • MarkAsNonLocal_Task
    • Methods to mark a Disk device as either an SSD or Magnetic Disk
      • MarkAsNonSsd_Task
      • MarkAsSsd_Task
    • Methods to turn On or Off the LED for supported Disk devices
      • TurnDiskLocatorLedOn_Task
      • TurnDiskLocatorLedOff_Task
    • Method to issue VAAI UNMAP operation
      • UnmapVmfsVolumeEx_Task
VSAN 6.0
  • VsanUpgradeSystem (New Managed Object) - Methods to upgrade to the new VSAN 6.0 on-disk format
    • PerformVsanUpgrade_Task
    • PerformVsanUpgradePreflightCheck
    • QueryVsanUpgradeStatus
  • HostVsanInternalSystem (Existing Managed Object) - Methods to query & upgrade VSAN Objects
    • QueryVsanObjectUuidsByFilter
    • UpgradeVsanObjects
  • HostVsanSystem (Existing Managed Object) - Methods to manage VSAN Node and disks
    • EvacuateVsanNode_Task
    • RecommissionVsanNode_Task
    • UnmountDiskMapping_Task
  • ComputeResource (Existing Managed Object)
    • faultDomainInfo - New Property to configure Fault Domains
  • HostDatastoreSystem (Existing Managed Object) - Methods to create and delete VVOL Datastores
    • CreateVvolDatastore
    • RemoveDatastoreEx_Task

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