The recorded videos for the VMworld 2015 US sessions just went live last week and I just started to catch up on some of the sessions that I could not attend. Having only watched a couple of sessions, I was not a fan of the site navigation and the various pop-ups that were required to watch the videos. It was especially annoying when the browser session would time out and you had to go back and search for the video you were just watching. I felt it was difficult to browse through the content and be able to quickly launch a video without having to go through multiple clicks. I personally thought the user experience could be improved. Perhaps in the future, you can easily create "playlists" as you would for online music or videos and provide resume capabilities. In any case, instead of just complaining, I figured I try to provide a solution that could also benefit other VMworld attendees.

Note: I noticed that not all sessions were recorded and the ones listed below are the filtered sessions that included a video recording. If additional recordings are posted, I will update the list below.

I spent some time poking around the site and was able to hack together some pretty ugly scripts to extract out the VMworld sessions which contained a recording as not all sessions were apparently recorded. My initial goal was to link directly to the video which are hosted on but I found that even though I was able to pull the direct video URLs, there is a special authTicket param that is generated between the VMworld site and the video hosting site. This was not a static value based on the user's initial login and if you tried to access the video URL directly, you would be prompted to login to the video hosting site which does not accept VMworld credentials. Although it would have been nice to be able to login just once and be able to go straight to the videos, at least now you can easily browse through all the sessions which contain a recording and view with a single click. Make sure you carefully read through the pre-req!

For those of you who that did not attend VMworld, you will not be able to access the videos below, however you can however watch some of the public sessions that have published on the VMworld youtube playlist here.


Once you have logged into the VMworld site (link above) once. You can then click on any of the links below and click on the media to play the recordings. I have broken the VMworld sessions by the six different tracks and here is a quick summary of the number of sessions with recordings.

  • Cloud Native Applications (11)
  • End-User Computing (65)
  • Hybrid Cloud (36)
  • Partner Exchange (0)
  • Software-Defined Datacenter (250)
  • Technology Deep Dives and Futures (12)
End-User Computing (65)
EUC4437 - Horizon View Troubleshooting - Looking Under the Hood
EUC4509 - Architecting Horizon for Virtual SAN the VCDX way
EUC4517 - VMware Workspace Environment Management (WEM)
EUC4561 - Application Lifecycle Management with VMware Horizon
EUC4630 - Managing Users: A Deep Dive Into VMware User
EUC4802 - What's New in VMware Fusion Pro 2015
EUC4825 - Horizon for Linux Technical Deep Dive
EUC4827 - VDI Sizing Deep Dive - The Horizon Sizing Tool
EUC4842 - Technical Deep Dive on Horizon Air Desktops and Applications
EUC4847 - Your Laptop Has Been Stolen with 80000 Patient Records You're Held to
EUC4879 - Horizon View Storage - Let's Dive Deep!
EUC4919 - Horizon at Points of Sale We Did It and So Can You!
EUC4969 - Shortcuts to Getting the Most Out of vRealize Operations for Horizon
EUC5020 - The "Snappy"" Virtual Desktop User Experience
EUC5032 - Deciphering the Endpoint Puzzle: Choose the Right Client for Horizon 6
EUC5052 - Beyond the Marketing: Horizon 6 Technical Deep Dive
EUC5062 - Your Desktops Secured: What Can NSX Do for You?
EUC5067 - NSX and Horizon Reference Architecture: Lets Dive Deep!
EUC5101 - What's New in VMware Workstation 2015
EUC5126 - Citrix Migration to VMware Horizon: How to Do It and
EUC5225 - Deep Dive: Safely Enable Mobile Devices for Business with Palo Alto
EUC5404 - Deliver High-Performance Desktops with VMware Horizon?
EUC5430 - Why Everybody Needs VMware User Environment Manager (UEM)
EUC5434 - Beyond the Marketing: VMware App Volumes Technical Overview
EUC5438 - Unleashing the Power of the Software-Defined Datacenter?
EUC5481 - High Performance 3D Workloads on Horizon 6 and
EUC5516 - Delivering the Next Generation of Hosted Applications
EUC5523 - AirWatch 101: Enterprise Mobility Management Simplified
EUC5617 - Take Advantage of AirWatch 8.1: Preview the Latest
EUC5619 - State of the Modern OS: Android for Work iOS and..
EUC5622 - Mobile Device Management or Container: Do We Have
EUC5626 - What Does the Merge of Desktop and Mobile Mean for the?
EUC5662 - Show Me the Money!! Finding Value in EUC -- Why Identifying?
EUC5664 - Higher IT Pressure in Education: VMware End-User Computing?
EUC5687 - Embracing Mobility in the Federal Sector
EUC5711 - Technical Deep Dive and Demo - Better Together with VMware End
EUC5733 - Deep Dive on VMware Horizon 6 Cloud Pod Architecture Best Practices to
EUC5760 - How to Develop Enterprise-Ready Mobile Applications
EUC5762 - End-to-end Security with AirWatch NSX and Intelligent Networking
EUC5764 - Bring Your Own Content We'll Keep It Secure
EUC5767 - Take Collaboration to the Next Level with Content
EUC5778 - How to Enable Office365 Applications on Mobile Devices
EUC5791 - Advanced EMM: Your Top 10 Problems Solved
EUC5796 - Power Your Mobile Strategy: AirWatch Ecosystem and
EUC5801 - Critical Practices for a Successful and Scalable AirWatch Deployment
EUC5921 - App Volumes Tips Tricks and Troubleshooting
EUC5965 - Mobilizing Healthcare: From Shared to Personal Clinical Workspaces... And Beyond!
EUC6037 - Deployment Guide: Things You Need to Know When Deploying Horizon
EUC6051 - How Florida Atlantic University Made Their High Performance
EUC6082 - Horizon Air: How to Provide an Uncompromised User
EUC6098 - Driving Business Mobility with AirWatch and Vmware
EUC6101 - Access Point - EUC Common Gateway
EUC6105 - What's New in VMware Identity Manager
EUC6112 - Next Generation Desktop Architecture Overview
EUC6129 - What's New with Horizon 6 with VDI and Hosted Applications
EUC6302 - Technical Deep Dive into Stateless Virtual Desktops
EUC6510- Best Practices to Deploy All Flash Virtual SAN VD
EUC6620 - Windows 10: What it means to your EUC strategy now and in the?
EUC6621 - The Real Story of Customers Delivering 3D Workstations with?
EUC6624 - Enterprise Deployment of View for a Worldwide Call Center Company
EUC6643 - Desktops Part Of A Comprehensive Cloud Strategy
EUC6658 - VDI: Complex costly and challenging. Or not?
EUC6807 - The Future of End-User Computing
EUC6815 - Taking Back the Desktop
EUC7031 - From strategy to business value realization: Re-Imaging the workplace
Hybrid Cloud (36)
HBC4521 - An Introduction to API CLI and Automation for vCloud Air
HBC4713 - Utility Dreams! The On-Demand Cloud Revolution
HBC4814 - Database-as-a-Service: Getting Started with vCloud Air SQL
HBC4815 - Availability Services: Complete Your Application DR strategy
HBC4849 - vCloud Air 2015 - Getting Started with Hybrid Cloud
HBC4851 - Now this is Hybrid! Hybrid management of Vmware
HBC4908 - Using VMware Continuent to Manage Business Critical
HBC4918 - Real-time Data Loading from MySQL to Data
HBC4983 - Success in the Cloud: Strategies to Drive Customer
HBC5008 - vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Technical Deep Dive
HBC5180 - Avoid Cloud Surprises: Top Tips and Case Study on Cloud Adoption and
HBC5194 - Hybrid Cloud Architecture Best Practices Hear from
HBC5201 - Technical Deep Dive on vCloud Air Advanced & Hybrid?
HBC5240 - Techniques and Best Practices to Establish Manage and Operate Platform
HBC5263 - SAP on vCloud Air - Design Considerations
HBC5298 - vCloud Air Object Storage for IT Admins
HBC5311 - vCloud Air Advanced Compute Features
HBC5356 - Technical Deep Dive: Microsoft SharePoint in vCloud Air
HBC5394 - Deep Dive: Using Palo Alto Networks Vm-Series and vCloud Air?
HBC5451 - Best Practices for Identity Management with vCloud Air
HBC5476 - VMware vCloud Air Network: Global Service Providers Solving
HBC5579 - How to Integrate VMware Hybrid Clouds with Your Enterprise
HBC5613 - A Pragmatic Journey of Moving Enterprise On-Prem Workloads to the
HBC5763 - Extend Your Data Center Security Using Advanced Networking Services
HBC5769 - Hybrid Devops Using VCloud Air: You Choose the Tools
HBC5788 - Top 10 Troubleshooting Tips for vCloud Air
HBC5848 - Hybrid Management for Hybrid Clouds: Best Practices
HBC5942 - vCloud Air for Healthcare: The Right Cloud at the Right Time
HBC6027 - VMware vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = The Best
HBC6059 - Orchestrating Applications at vCloud Air
HBC6144 - How I Learned to Love Nested ESXi
HBC6571 - Extend Unified Communications and Contact Center Rollouts with Hybrid
HBC6629 - No App is an Island
HBC6909 - Sun Tzu-as-a-Service: Securing The Hybrid Cloud
HBC6911 - Consumption Economics & the Micro-VM
HBC6912 - Automating SAP Systems Of Record In The Cloud
Partner Exchange (0)
Software-Defined Datacenter (250)
INF4448 - Design Advice for Small and Midsize Business
INF4528 - vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) Best Practices & Tips/Tricks
INF4529 - VMware Certificate Management for Mere Mortals
INF4535 - 5 Functions of Software Defined Availability
INF4586 - Take Virtualization to the Next Level: vSphere with Operations?
INF4712 - Just Because You COULD Doesn't Mean You SHOULD - vSphere 6.0
INF4758 - vSphere 6 Security Update
INF4759 - vSphere Hybridity 101: Connecting the Dots from vCenter Server to vCloud
INF4764 - Extreme Performance Series: vCenter Performance Best Practices
INF4766 - Extend the Power of Your Datacenters to Your Remote and Branch..
INF4790 - A ROBO Technical Deep Dive Understanding Remote and Branch Office
INF4793 - Day to Day Automation of VMware Products to Increase Productivity and
INF4808 - Reduced TCO and improved performance with Migrating from Unix to
INF4823 - Real World - Architecting a vCloud for NFV Platform for Success
INF4853 - Docker Containers on vSphere: Performance Deep Dive
INF4924 - vSphere & Hardware- Working Together to Increase HA
INF4936 - Insight Into vSphere 6 vMotion: Architecture Features
INF4944 - Managing vSphere 6.0 Deployments and Upgrades Part 1
INF4945 - vCenter Server 6 High Availability
INF5054 - Vagrant and vSphere Integration: Building Repeatable Environments
INF5060 - What's New in vSphere?
INF5093 - vSphere Web Client - Yesterday Today and Tomorrow
INF5106 - Content Library Technical Deep Dive
INF5123 - Managing vSphere 6.0 Deployments and Upgrades Part 2
INF5171 - Virtualization 101
INF5174 - vSphere Ask the Experts Panel
INF5177 - VMworld 2015 - vSphere Security - Fact .vs. Fiction
INF5211 - Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI
INF5224 - Auto Scale VM Resources with Application Demands
INF5229 - Docker and Fargo: Exploding the Linux Container Host
INF5239 - How to Manage the Health Performance and Capacity
INF5251 - Resource Management Using Storage IO Control and
INF5306 - DRS Advancements in vSphere 6 Advanced Concepts
INF5432 - Infrastructure as Code - Ban Snowflake Deployments
INF5450 - Big Bang - Bare Metal to VMware vSphere Infrastructure
INF5539 - Infrastructure Security Panel Discussion
INF5554 - DevOps Platforms and DevOps Platforms
INF5701 - Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute & Memory
INF5729 - VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance for Multiprocessor Virtual Machines
INF5800 - 'Zero Touch' ESXi Deployment Configuration & Upgrades with AutoDeploy
INF5803 - Deploy Hundreds of VMs Instantly via Forking
INF5898 - vSphere High Availability (HA) Best Practices
INF5975 - vCenter Server Appliance as "First Choice" VC
INF6108 - Something Broke What Now? Managing and Troubleshooting?
INF6398 - Why IT needs developers and how to make them happy
INF6634 - Leveraging Future Advances in Non-Volatile Memory for the SDDC
MGT4447 - Self Service That Just Works - Building Your XaaS in 3 Steps
MGT4579 - Data In-Sight! Experiences Running VMware's Private Cloud with Log?
MGT4615 - Application Aware Operations for the
MGT4632 - Using vRealize Business for Cloud Business Management
MGT4760 - Unifying Hybrid Cloud Management with vRealize
MGT4783 - Introduction to Monitoring the Public Cloud with vRealize Operations
MGT4801 - Using Configuration Management Tools (Puppet
MGT4837 - Ask the Cloud Experts Panel Discussion
MGT4928 - How to Troubleshoot Using vRealize Operations Manager (Deep Live
MGT4950 - Using vRealize Operations for Real World Capacity Planning and Efficiency
MGT4959 - What's new in Best Practices in Cloud Operations Management with
MGT4973 - Mastering Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning
MGT4978 - Leveraging vRealize Business to Run IT as a Business
MGT5006 - Monitoring Software Containers with vRealize Operations
MGT5151 - vRealize Automation or VMware Integrated Openstack or Both?
MGT5166 - vRealize Air: Saasify Your Cloud Management
MGT5183 - How to Deploy Cloud in a Day Not Weeks
MGT5245 - vRealize Operations Insight: Manage vSphere and Your
MGT5318 - Becoming a vRealize Automagician: Why Automation
MGT5360 - Introducing Application Self-service with Networking and ?
MGT5433 - Faster Application Releases After Transitioning to the Continuous?
MGT5471 - How VMware and Partners Bring Actions to Enterprise Administrators
MGT5495 - Accelerate Your DevOps Journey with vRealize Code
MGT5563 - Automate the Deployment and Testing of vRealize
MGT5734 - Getting to Cloud Prescriptively: EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and
MGT5780 - High Availability Authentication and Wicked Fast Install with vRealize
MGT5808 - Securing your vSphere Environment with vRealize Air Compliance and
MGT5862 - Three Key Tenets for Implementing a Cloud Management Platform?
MGT5913 - How VMware Improved Developer Productivity with
MGT5931 - How to Drive the Intelligent Provisioning and Operation
MGT5973 - Automate the Deployment of NSX and
MGT6001 - vRealize Scale Scaling vRealize Automation to Ten Thousand Managed
MGT6003 - How to Win Executives and Influence Outcomes with vRealize Operations
MGT6004 - How to Architect a DevOps Cloud Using vRealize
MGT6046 - Designing and Building a Private Cloud for the US Department of Defense
MGT6535 - Introduction to the vRealize Automation API and Command-Line Tools
MGT6623 - The VMware Cloud Management Platform: Drill Down and Outlook
NET4468 - Defining Your Future With NSX Certification
NET4855 - Want Your Apps to Roam Freely? - NSX Solutions for Multi-Site?
NET4860 - VMware NSX Business Case: A Guided Journey of High-Value IT?
NET4933 - vSphere Distributed Switch Best Practices for NSX
NET4941 - Bridging Virtual and Physical in NSX with OVSB Standard Based Hardware
NET4972 - Incorporating VMware NSX in your DevOps Toolchain Network
NET4976 - vSphere Distributed Switch 6.0 Technical Deep Dive
NET4989 - The Future of Network Virtualization with VMware NSX
NET4995 - Integrating Physical Workloads and Infrastructure with a NSX Virtual
NET5082 - How to Deploy VMware NSX with Cisco Nexus and UCS (Repeat)
NET5089 - Next-Generation Cloud Security with NSX
NET5187 - What's New in Operations Management for Networking with...
NET5212 - NSX Performance
NET5213 - Operational Best Practices for VMware NSX
NET5220 - vSphere 6 Network Design Considerations
NET5252 - NSX Management Pack for vRealize Operations Manager
NET5352 - Connecting Remote Sites with VMware NSX
NET5362 - Enabling Automated Network & Security Services with NSX and vRealize
NET5395 - Technical Deep Dive into Desktop-As-A-Service (DAAS) Deployments
NET5422 - Using VMware NSX in Your Open Source Environment
NET5469 - VMWare on VMWare - How VMware IT Uses NSX for
NET5488 - Troubleshooting Methodology for VMware NSX
NET5505 - F5 and VMware NSX Combine Forces in the SDDC to Provide Advanced
NET5529 - The Practical Path to NSX
NET5541 - Introduction to VMware NSX
NET5553 - VMware NSX Integration with a VCE VXBlock Converged Infrastructure
NET5560 - VMware NSX - Deep Dive
NET5612 - NSX for vSphere Logical Load Balacing Deep Dive
NET5615 - Simplify your Disaster Recovery Planning with NSX and SRM
NET5640 - Building a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with
NET5725 - An Extensible Solution for Software Driven Data Centers with Vmware
NET5770 - Reference Design for SDDC with NSX & vSphere - Part 1
NET5772 - A Case Study in the University of New Mexico's
NET5792 - Reference Design for SDDC with NSX & vSphere - Part 2
NET5826 - NSX for vSphere Logical Routing Deep Dive
NET5836 - OpenStack with NSX Architecture Deep Dive
NET5989 - Multi-vCenter Solutions with VMware NSX
NET6007 - NSX and vCloud Director - The Missing Guide
NET6053 - The Case for Network Virtualization: Customer Case Study
NET6260 - NSX: Life After Deployment
NET6320 - Make the data center of tomorrow a reality today to orchestrate
OPT4680 - Advanced Automated Approvals Use Case - Using vRealize?
OPT4684 - Engineers in The Cloud - The New Model of Datacenter Operations
OPT4707 - Integrating vRealize Automation with ITSM and Service Catalog Tools
OPT4868 - Your DevOps Transformation. Culture Technology or
OPT4953 - Operationalizing VMware NSX: Practical Strategies and
OPT4992 - VMware vRealize Code Stream: Is DevOps about Tools
OPT5029 - How to Use Service Definitions in VMware vRealize Business to Build
OPT5069 - Enterprise Hybrid Cloud - Federal Case Study
OPT5075 - 6 Steps to Establish Your IT Business Management Office
OPT5222 - Keys to Successfully Marketing and Managing Your
OPT5235 - Cloud-Native Apps Microservices and Twelve-Factor Apps: What Do They
OPT5238 - VMWare IT DevOps Transformation: A VMware on Vmware?
OPT5279 - Chargeback in the Department of Defense
OPT5361 - Best Practice Approaches to Transformation with the Software-Defined
OPT5369 - Pro-Active Monitoring of a Service; People Process and Technology
OPT5509 - Building an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Operating Model
OPT5519 - Nimble Automation in a Regulated Environment: Good Fast?
OPT5793 - Organizational Change Management and SDDC: Why Getting Your
OPT5960 - VMware NSX with A DevOps Mentality: Streamline Your Operations?
OPT5972 - 80000 VM's and Growing! VMware's Internal Cloud Journey Told by the
OPT6227 - Developing a New IT: How the Boeing Company IT Department is
OPT6851 - A conversation with the VMware CIO: Suggestions on being?
SDDC4469 - Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
SDDC4593 - Ask the Expert vBloggers
SDDC4595 - Ask the Expert Industry Titans
SDDC4797 - EVO:RAIL 2.0 Deep Dive
SDDC4833 - VMware in Healthcare: How VMware Solutions are Helping?
SDDC4955 - VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) on Federation
SDDC5234 - Transform Your Business with EVO:RACK; Build Enterprise-Ready?
SDDC5249 - Building a Successful Business Case for EVO: RACK
SDDC5260 - Reducing Costs and Increasing Availability in Healthcare: Customer
SDDC5273 - VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: From
SDDC5424 - NON-STOP SDDC: Building Metro Storage Cluster with NSX
SDDC5440 - VMware Validated Designs - A Reference Architecture
SDDC5566 - Successful DevOps for the Hybrid Cloud with vRealize Automation &
SDDC5600 - Accenture's Journey to deploying SDDC onsite
SDDC5609 - VMware Validated Design (V2D) for a Software Defined Data Center
SDDC5749 - Overview of EVO:RAIL the Radically Simple Hyper-Converged Appliance
SDDC5797 - Putting EVO:RACK to Work Across the Company: A VMware on?
SDDC5839 - vRealize Automation or OpenStack? Uncovering the Right IaaS for Your
SDDC6100 - EVO: RACK - An In-Depth View
SDDC6252 - EVO:RAIL Business Advantage: How VMwares EVO:RAIL?
SDDC6254 - The Best SDDC!
SDDC6642 - The Bleeding Edge: A face-melting technical smorgasbord of?
SEC4488 - WestJet and when we Realized Simplified Security was all?
SEC5170 - Micro-Segmented Applications and Services: Enabling The Future of
SEC5179 - NSX Security for Horizon View Deep Dive
SEC5208 - Automating Security Policy Enforcement with Vmware
SEC5230 - Leveraging Data App and User-Identity in
SEC5427 - From Architecture to Operations Weaving Security into the Datacenter
SEC5589 - NSX Distributed Firewall Deep Dive
SEC5754 - Who Can You Trust? Strategies and Designs for Implementing a Zero Trust
SEC5890 - Utilizing Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) to Enable Advanced
SEC6640 - The Software-Defined Data Center: Security for the
STO4452 - Virtual Volumes (VVOLS) a game changer for running Tier 1?
STO4474 - Networking: Virtual SAN's Backbone
STO4510 - When it Rains it Pours: Protecting Your VMware Based Cloud.
STO4525 - Architecting Disaster Recovery of Tier 1 Applications (SAP Oracle SQL &
STO4572 - Conducting a Successful Virtual SAN Proof of Concept
STO4649 - Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive
STO4688 - Will You Still Love Me When I'm 64?
STO4805 - How Virtual Volumes Will Solve Storage Challenges in the Datacenter
STO4820 - Virtual SAN Hardware Guidance & Sizing
STO4856 - Designing for Mass Failover with Site Recovery Manager: Lessons?
STO4949 - Extreme Performance Series: Virtual SAN Performance Deep-Dive
STO5022 - VMware vSphere Replication: What's New Technical Walkthrough and
STO5053 - Physical Cluster to Virtual Failover Using Site Recovery Manager
STO5074 - Explaining Advanced Virtual Volumes Configurations
STO5133 - VMware Virtual SAN + HyTrust DataControl: Delivering
STO5157 - Running Business Critical Applications with VMware All Flash Virtual SAN
STO5207 - Troubleshooting Storage Devices Using vRealize Operations
STO5323 - vSphere Storage Overview
STO5443 - Case Study of Virtualized Hadoop on VMware Software Defined?
STO5475 - Harnessing the Power of vStorage APIs for Data Protection: Lessons?
STO5522 - Virtual Volumes Technical Panel
STO5571 - What's New in Virtual Volumes
STO5605 - What's New in Site Recovery Manager
STO5704 - Using Virtual Data Services for IO Acceleration in vSphere
STO5721 - Virtual Volumes on NetApp Ready For Prime Time!
STO5787 - Architecting Site Recovery Manager To Meet Your
STO5812 - Automating Operations for vSphere Replication Site
STO5822 - Putting Virtual Volumes to Work -- Storage Best Practices for vSphere
STO5844 - Benchmark Testing: Making Backups Better Than Ever Using Virtual
STO5877 - What's New in Virtual SAN
STO5887 - Building a Business Case for Virtual SAN
STO5888 - Top 10 Thing You MUST Know Before Implementing Virtual Volumes
STO5906 - Virtual SAN Technical Deep Dive and What's New
STO5920 - Considerations for Virtual SAN Running Business Critical Applications
STO5926 - Virtual SAN Customer Panel
STO5937 - Backup and Recovery with VMware vSphere Data Protection: Technical
STO5947 - Virtual SAN Operations Management Using vRealize Operations
STO5954 - Rethinking Enterprise Storage: The Rise Of Hyper-converged?
STO5967 - Best Practices: Getting the Most From Your New Virtual Volume?
STO6047 - Zero Downtime Application Mobility with Site Recovery Manager
STO6065 - VMware's Next-Generation Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery
STO6069 - Partner Solutions for Virtualized Data Services
STO6074 - Automating Storage Management with SPBM
STO6085 - Site Recovery Manager Technical Walk-through
STO6137 - Site Recovery Manager and Policy Based DR: Deep dive
STO6228 - Monitoring and Troubleshooting Virtual SAN Current and Future
STO6328 - What's New in Disaster Recovery with Vmware
VAPP4440 - Migrating Large Oracle Footprint to Vblock
VAPP4587 - Virtualizing Big Data: Effective Approaches Derived
VAPP4634 - Harnessing the Power of Storage Virtualization and Site Recovery
VAPP4639 - Best Practices for Performance Tuning of Virtualized Telco and NFV
VAPP4696 - Will it Blend and Scale? Monster Database Virtualization
VAPP4732 - Enterprise Application Architecture Influence on SDDC
VAPP4761 - Eliminating Performance Bottleneck and Improving Resilience for Your
VAPP4799 - Virtualizing Mission Critical Apps in a Flash
VAPP4845 - Architecting High Availability and Resilience for Tier 1 Apps (Oracle SAP
VAPP4916 - Virtualized Oracle On All-Flash: A Customer's Perceptive on Database
VAPP4990 - Customer Panel: SAP HANA on vSphere Deployments In?
VAPP5129 - Database Virtualization: Doing IT Right with vSphere 6
VAPP5165 - Extreme Performance Series: Monster VM Database Performance
VAPP5173 - VMware Powers World Ski Event in Vail Colorado
VAPP5343 - Rapid and Continuous Delivery Through Docker Container?
VAPP5483 - Virtualize Active Directory the Right Way!
VAPP5598 - Advanced SQL Server on vSphere
VAPP5606 - Virtualizing SAP HANA: Bringing Flexibility Agility and
VAPP5719 - Monitoring and Managing Applications with vRealize Operations 6.1 and
VAPP5724 - Extreme Performance Series: BCA High Performance
VAPP6023 - Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere
VAPP6114 - National Snow & Ice Datacenter Vagrant Project: The Force Awakens
VAPP6253 - Forrester Total Economic Impact of Automated Application?
VAPP6257 - Troubleshooting for vSphere 6
VAPP6952 - VMware Project Capstone a Collaboration of VMware HP and IBM...

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