Working at VMware, I get the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most passionate Engineers, Technologists and Customer Advocates around. In addition to solving hard and technical problems for our customers, my colleagues are also very passionate philanthropists who are always looking for ways to give back not only financially but by also donating their time, talent and creativity to help others. They all truly embrace the VMware EPIC^2 values.

About a month ago, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine, Minh Dao who works as a Program Manager within the Storage and Availability Business Unit at VMware. He was telling me a story about an organization he was recently involved with called the College of Adaptive Arts. This organization provides young adults with special needs with the same opportunity that many of us take for granted after graduating from high school, which is a higher education in college.

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Minh was actually introduced to the program by Suchitha Chetia, a Director of QE who has been involved with the organization for some time. She had invited Minh out one weekend to their San Jose campus to see first hand the work of this organization. He told me he was really moved by what he had seen and experienced. These young adults just wanted to make a difference in the world just like any other young adult would. They dream big but often lack the resources to achieve those dreams. As with any higher education, it is not cheap. CAA offers classes in different disciplines such as communication, arts and music, TV and film, dance, etc. Funding for each discipline for an entire year costs about $15,000 USD. This year, the CAA will be hosting its 4th Annual Golf Classic on Monday, October 5th at the Santa Teresa Golf Club. It’s a joyful and invigorating day of golf whereby a group of three plays a round of golf with a golfer from the College of Adaptive Arts golf team. All funds raised will go to support various programs offered by CAA for the enrolled students.

Suchitha and Minh have created a VMware team to help raise funds for the CAA Organization. In addition to donating myself and supporting this awesome cause, I wanted to also share their story with my readers as I know many of you are also passionate philanthropists yourselves. Currently, Minh has set a goal of $1,500 but I am hopeful that we can easily blow that out of the water with your help. Any amount will help and will go a long way and the last day to donate is Oct 5th. Thank you in advance.

Note: For any VMware Employees who donate, please remember to submit a gift match through the VMware Foundation. This is a quick and easy way to double the donation!

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