In vSphere 6.0 Update 1, one of the new features that is available for both the vCenter Server for Windows and vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) is the ability to "repoint" the vCenter Server to a new or existing Platform Services Controller (PSC). The process is pretty straight forward and is nicely outlined in the following KB articles: KB 2113917 and KB 2131191.

One obvious question that might come up before you decide to repoint is what is the current PSC that my vCenter Server is currently pointing to? This was actually a question that I had just received this morning from one of my readers. Though I had some of the details documented in these two articles here and here on locating all deployed PSC's and vCenter Server's, I figured it was probably worth pulling this topic out into its own blog post for ease of searching.

Note: The solution below is applicable to both vSphere 6.0 and vSphere 6.0 Update 1, but the ability to repoint is only available in Update 1.

There are two methods in which you can quickly identify the PSC that your vCenter Server is currently pointing to.

Option 1: Using the vSphere Web/C# Client

Under the vCenter Server's Advanced Setting, there is a property called "config.vpxd.sso.admin.uri" which specifies the PSC it is currently configured with. This is the most simplistic approach if you want to do it using the vSphere UI. Also note this is available through the vSphere API, so you can also query this from the command-line

Option 2: Using vmafd-cli command-line

The second option is to use the handy vmafd-cli utility which is avialable on the vCenter Server itself. You will need to run the following command depending on your vCenter Server platform (Windows or VCSA):


/usr/lib/vmware-vmafd/bin/vmafd-cli get-ls-location --server-name localhost

Windows VC:

C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\vmafdd\vmafd-cli get-ls-location --server-name localhost

Here is a screenshot of running the command on the VCSA:


15 thoughts on “Which Platform Services Controller (PSC) is my vCenter Server pointing to?

  1. I was given this just today for VCSA 6.0.0 by support –

    /opt/likewise/bin/lwregshell ls “[HKEY_THIS_MACHINE\Services\vmafd\Parameters]” | grep DCName | awk ‘{print $2,$NF}’

  2. There is a Typo in the line:
    Under the vCenter Server’s Advanced Setting, there is a property called “config.vpx.sso.admin.uri” which specifies…. etc…

    Missed the d out of vpxd

    Should be property called “config.vpxd.sso.admin.uri” which….

  3. Hello William;

    Your blog was really helpful. But I would like to understand is it possible that we can point the vCenter VCVA 6.0 to external PSC at the same time?

  4. We cannot repoint vCenter to another external PSC in vSphere 6.5

    Caution: This operation is no longer supported in vSpher 6.5 and running these steps can cause permanent damage. per KB 2113917


  5. With PowerCLI:

    $vCenterServer = Get-VIServer vCenter.mydomain
    Get-AdvancedSetting -Entity $vCenterServer -Name config.vpxd.sso.admin.uri

    Very Nice, thank you William!

  6. Good job !

    But, do you know a solution to find which PSC is active behind a Load Balancer ?

    In my case, I have:

    PSC 1: psc1.domain.corp
    PSC 2: psc2.domain.corp
    VIP : vip.domain.corp
    vCenter: vcenter01.domain.corp

    I my vCenter, if I launch this command:
    vmafd-cli get-ls-location –server-name localhost

    I obtain:


    I don’t have access to my Load Balancer, it’s an other service who manage it…

    Thanks !


  7. How to check how many vcenter’s are registered on an external psc. basically need to remove the stale entry from the sso.

Thanks for the comment!