In Part 10, we are going to take a look at local user management for the VAMI interface. By default, only the root local user exists but customers have the option of creating additional accounts. In vSphere 6.5, the VAMI has been enhanced to support different roles such as Admin, Operator and SuperAdmin. You can refer to the VAMI documentation on what each of the roles provides.

VAMI UI Area of Focus

There is not a VAMI UI for user management, this is currently only available using the VAMI REST APIs.


  • GET /appliance/techpreview/localaccounts/user
  • POST /appliance/techpreview/localaccounts/user
  • DELETE /appliance/techpreview/localaccounts/user/{user-id}

PowerCLI Function

Sample Output

To retrieve all VAMI users, use the Get-VAMIUser function. By default, your system will probably only have the root user unless you have already added additional VAMI users.

To create a new user, we will use the New-VAMIUser which requires a few input parameter that should be pretty self explanatory. The role parameter can be one of three values: admin, operator or superAdmin as defined in the VAMI documentation.

Here is an example of creating a new user called lamw:

New-VAMIUser -name lamw -fullname "William Lam" -role "operator" -email "" -password "VMware1!"

If we now re-run our Get-VAMIUser command, we should see the new user that we had just created.

To remove a VAMI user, you simply use the Remove-VAMIUser and specify the name of the user you wish to remove. Below is an example of deleting the user we had just created.

One thing to note is that when using the Connect-CisServer cmdlet to interact with the VAMI REST API, it currently does not support connecting with local VAMI users, only SSO users. This is a limitation with the PowerCLI implementation and does not affect direct use of the VAMI REST API or using it through other SDKs. This is something that will be resolved in a future update of PowerCLI, so something to keep in mind as I was scratching my head when trying to use a local user to authenticate.

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